National Grid Link is continually expanding its range of services in a bid to meet the demands of the marketplace. Currently National Grid Link provide electrical services to the mining, commercial, government, civil and construction sectors.
National Grid Link specialises in cable preparation, new and replacement installations, cable jointing, testing, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. Our itemised list includes:

Cable Installation

• High Voltage
• Medium Voltage
• Low Voltage

Cable Descriptions:
• Fully Screen Cables, inclusive of steel wire/tape armour protections
• Belted and screened paper lead insulated
• Cross Link Polyethylene (XLPE) insulated/steel wire armour
• Trailing cable
• Pilot Cable
• Fibre Optic Cable

Cable Jointing and Terminations

• High Voltage
• Medium Voltage
• Low Voltage
• Low Voltage Live
• Paper lead insulated
• Cross-link polyethylene (XLPE) insulated

Cable Jointing capabilities:
• Straight through joints
• Tee joints
• Breach joints
• Transition joints (Paper lead insulated to XLPE PVC – single cores or 3 or 4 cores depending on voltage)
• Trifurcating joints (Paper lead insulated to XLPE PVC – 3 or 4 cores to single core)
• Multi-core joints, telephone, control cables etc.

Cable Terminations to:
• Transformers
• Switch Gears
• Pole Top Terminations
• Motors
• LV Boards
• Chiller Units
• Turbines
• Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Cable and Switchgear Integrity Testing

• Conductor / cable Insulation testing
• Apparatus including transformers, switchgear, pillars, street lights circuits
• Sheath fault location & repair
• Cable locating & tracing service
• Cable identification & ‘spiking’ service
• Quality assurance checks
• Earth testing
• Pre Commissioning and Commissioning


Should you require any of these services, please contact our tendering department for assistance: